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Hacked By RxR HaCkEr

Hacked By RxR HaCkEr

Hacked By Unknown

Hacked By Not Matter who am i ~ i am white Hat Hacker please update your wordpress Hacked By white hat hacker

Goodbye LEON… Until Next Year. A Moment of Silence for 2013

So this is my fam. Christmas morning tradition dictates that a giant selfie be taken while everyone is gathered. Ready or not. My son is on the back row (next to me). He is very irreverent. Case in point: this time of year I have lovely large Pottery Barn letters leaning up against the wallContinue Reading

Weepers and Laughers Are My Endgame…but I wouldn’t mind a nap in the sand

So summer has come to a screeching halt: Here’s what I did—the lake, the mountains, the park, the mall. Tomatoes. I also managed—with fingers bruised and bleeding—to complete a polished first draft of #2. I took a great social media class from Dan Blank (he’s a god) I was a guest on Bipolar Burble—aContinue Reading

Wanted: A Crack Social Media Assistant Who Knows the Lingo—aka the nearest teenager.

So my birthday was on July 4th. Yep, I limped into a year older with nary a whimper and it was a great day. I worked, went to a movie with the hubs, noshed at a downtown eatery, then ate ice cream while watching the fireworks from my deck. I have a killer view ofContinue Reading

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