About Me

I was born and raised in Utah in the shadow of the most spectacular mountains on earth. I’m a lifelong learner with two degrees in nursing. I’ve worked in several areas of medicine, but my first love is psychiatry. I’ve been married forever to the stud I met in high school. I have four fabulous kids who married four fabulous kids and they are all reproducing at an alarming rate; I’m now swimming in noise and little people. I’ve traveled extensively and I always miss my own bed, but I usually come home with a story. The bane of my existence is the elliptical. I love pasta and neoclassical music and any book that I can’t put down. I’m healthy, happy, and very busy, so clearly God has blessed me more than I deserve.

Somewhere between raising my family, going to school, working and getting the laundry done, I managed to write Dancing on Broken Glass. Read it.